„Don’t Trust. Verify.“

Hello CardanoFam,

the one or other user in the community might know me, for all others who don’t know yet, you can read more about me in my Ambassador Story.

In the following I would like to introduce my pool to you. And hopefully motivate everyone else to run a pool to make the network more stable and secure.

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97% Rewards for the Delegators

High-end Tier 3 Data Center in Munich

  • 100% green electricity supply
  • Connection to POPs INXS and DeCIX Muc1
  • multiple redundant backbone
  • DELL brand hardware
  • ISO/IEC 27001 certification
  • Linux distribution Ubtuntu

Server Hardware :

The server is located in a Tier 3 data center in Munich, Germany, and it is dedicated hardware, not cloud resources. Direct connection to POPs INXS and DeCIX Muc1, and multiple redundant backbones. We rely exclusively on branded products from Intel, Dell EMC, Brocade, Citrix and many other well-known brands.

100% green electricity supply from hydropower.

High-End Tier 3 Data Center in München

  • 100% Ökostromversorgung
  • Anbindung an POPs INXS und DeCIX Muc1
  • mehrfach redundanter Backbone
  • DELL Markenhardware
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Zertifizierung
  • Linux-Distribution Ubtuntu